METAL ROBOT魂 <SIDE MS> 武者頑駄無 Coming

P-Bandai product is about to release an awesome Gundam and this is from Samurai series! The metal Robot 魂.

As name goes for Metal, this figure do have diecast metal parts indicated below...

The figure will comes with pose able joints and weapon accessories.

It can do action pose of course...

Some of the weapons can be put on the figure and look neat!

The figure will also come with deluxe display stand to make it look grand. Hey it's Premium Bandai product after all!

Here are some side stand for the weapons display..

This is currently open to preorder but it will only release on June 2018 at 14,040 Yen.

Is this what you are looking for?


I believed this should be 1/100 scale equivalent to MG size... As much as I like Musha Gundam, I’m hope Bandai do the same for Knight Gundam too... The rifle to this Musha Gundam is different from the MG and like rather unique.

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