Figma Dead or Alive Kasumi C3 Ver Coming

One of the iconic character from Dead or Alive in the figure world was Kasumi. This time, the version of Kasumi finally get to turn into a figma figure.

This version of kasumi comes with 2 face expressions and the accessory for Kasumi is just a dagger with sheath.

Like all other Figma figures, she comes with great articulation of joints and there will be a stand to hold or balance the figure to get certain pose done.

If you are wondering, she can even do her signature pose of her famous 1/6 scale figure that took the figure world by storm.

This Figma Kasumi is schedule to release in July 2018. No listed price at this moment.

Would you like to get the articulated Kasumi from Dead or Alive?


Nice assets and she can pose to her iconic pose. Very inviting. I only have the non posable figure of Kasumi.
chrismandesign said…
Oh my... Someone has to put her a long fur coat of ming or she’s gonna get a cold... Poor girl, nobody knows what it took to fight for justice in those days, even she had to cut here and there her clothes, in order to save some money for the dagger, LOLOL !!!... =D
LEon said…
@Dennis LOL ya nice asset. The selling point actually.
LEon said…
@chris LOL actually her attire would be her lifesaving point as the opponent will be too distracted and sometime go easy on her and create an opening for her to deliver a fatal blow.

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