End of LEGO Nexo Knight

The news of LEGO ending their own toy series Nexo Knight was out this week. I remember we did the first Nexo Knight news back in 2015 was rather exciting as it was more like Knight and Castle theme but somehow as the story make a turn...

The question would be why LEGO want to end Nexo Knight?

Totally Mashed up
Nexo Knight was designed in a whole of technology x Magic. It is also a mixed between medieval castle and futuristic. Both of each end has it's fan but if you mixed them around, it is hard to get both collectors to accept such combination.

As for the story line of the TV series, there was not much character development compare to NinjaGo where you did see characters grow in different season.

That aside, allow me to explore what I think Nexo Knight did bring to the world of LEGO collectors. Need to keep it positive for such sad news right?

Unique Character built
If Nexo Knight did not happen, we will not be able to see the following minifigures taken shape. The Bots and the Scurrier are uniquely cast and this is a good thing that happen in the series.

Castles but not so complete
One would love to see Castle built n the series and there were two, Lava Lair and the Knighton Castle. Personally I love the Lave theme while the Knighton castle is more like a fortress.

Humanoid or Mech Built
LEGO finally get it that Humanoid / Mech built are interesting than certain land moving vehicles or flight transport. So in Nexo Knight series, you can see more giant built and it certainly look awesome!

When the Mech built were introduced, it makes everyone crazy! Everyone expect a giant Knight mech with long sword and shield and LEGO deliver that. That's a dream come truth!

Which kids (including adult) won't like these design? Best of all, the price for these 2 were reasonable too!

The bad guys also have a wicked design of The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction! I love the wings and putting the good and bad together really an epic fight.

In term of toy design, Nexo Knight series were a mixed of hit and miss. The reason is simply this is a unique line that is neither castle or futuristic. With the TV series pale in appeal, it is hard for most people to buy in.

In LEGO own license products history,  Chima and Bionicle come to an end rather soon and the longer lasting would be NinjaGo as it had good story line and toy design, it did give what collectors like. They even make it a movie for NinjaGo and the toys in movie series were great!

While it sad to see LEGO putting a stop to this series, one would wonder what would LEGO be doing for the next series. Would it be NinjaGo or would it be something else. Only time would tell.

Meanwhile there will still be Nexo Knight until in the end of 2018. You can see the full Nexo Knight list including the last jedi Nexo Knight line at Lego Wikia

What your view for Nexo Knight? Will you missed it? Tell us in the comments.


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