Bandai Figure-rise Mechanics Dr. Slump Arale Norimaki Coming

After Doraemon, it is time for Dr.Slump to be in the series of Bandai Figure-rise Mechanics and who is better than Arale Norimaki who is a robot girl herself right?

Arale will come with her internal mechanism as a model kit. On the left is her skin and the right is her internal skeleton.

Her internal mechanism based on the "X-ray photograph" of her in the Manga. It has "Mucane cannon" and to peek in the belly of Arare by moving inside mechanism of stomach!

Accessories include hands, cap with her name on it, Pink poo on sticks...

and a translucent overall to see her inner mechanics.

Do note that this model kit you seen is already pre-painted on the parts which already look amazing and good for beginner to assemble.

If you are a Dr.Slump fans, this is one model kit you may want to get!

Arale is schedule to release in April 2018 at 2,500 YEN.


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