60th Anniversary LEGO Building Bigger Thinking is Out

If you may not know, this year it is LEGO 60th Anniversary. Part of the celebration, LEGO release 5 sets of "LEGO Building Bigger Thinking". These are currently out in Singapore retail.

So what is so special about these sets?

They do not come with any building instruction. Yes, you hear that right. All you need to do is use these interesting parts to build anything to your heart content.

So there are total of 5 sets in different pricing for any affordability.

LEGO 10401 at SGD $9.99 and LEGO 10402 at SGD$ 19.99

Moving to a bigger set LEGO 10403 at SGD $39.99

A bigger set LEGO 10404 at SGD $49.99.

Lastly the biggest set which you can build Space Shutter LEGO 10405 retailing at SGD $79.99

The possibility is limitless. A great gift to creative children of 5 years and up.

Interesting? Tell us how you feel in the comment about these sets?


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