Toynami Robotech Rick Hunter's VF-1J & Ben Dixon’s VF-1A

Toynami is releasing some affordable Robotech or Marcross this quarter of 2018.

These suppose to be 5 in the series. The first of the series is Rick Hunter's VF-1J in 1/100 Scale.

The second will be Ben Dixon’s VF-1A

In each of them will come with the following
– Veritech figure fully transformable to all 3 forms (Fighter, Battloid or Gerwalk)
– Pilot sitting figure respectively.
– Rick Hunter standing figure respectively.
– Gunpod weapon accessory
– Adjustable display stand

Each of these will be below 50 USD. Look out for it this quarter of 2018!


This is very much using the same mold of their previous releases with the addition of the pilot figure. The 100%plastic material didn’t contribute to the value of the toy much. Should be ok going for the play factor. If I’m to buy, it’s wull be for the pilot figure.
LEon said…
@Dennis Agree with you but it is rather rare in term of such figures in affordable price and if there are new fans or old fans who run on budget these are great to get. At least they have an actual toy as the Japanese counter part could cost them 2 or 3 of such figures.

chrismandesign said…
I think it’s always a good idea to offer toys and collectibles in different segments of price, in that way, collectors with different budgets can afford to buy what they want... Besides, it’s not unusual that the only way to get items from certain series, is through these budget toys, that offer good playability, plus the toys that could be cheap in some places, are expensive somewhere else... For instance, here in my country, you cannot get any item made by Toynami unless you order it... =D

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