TOMICA PREMIUM 25 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1/75 TOMY Diecast Car

When Tomica said it will be releasing a Pink Cadillac, I was excited. The question you may asked is why?

Tomica hardly make cars model from oversea car maker and they decided to do a Cadillac under their premium series. Some will ask what is so special about this car?

Some would think this Pink Cadillac must be Elvis Pink Cadillac. If you do a search on the web, you would know Elvis Pink Cadillac is not the same model as he is 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood and this is 1957 Cadillac.

This Pink Eldorado Biarritz Cadillac was one of the popular model a 1957 series. First this Cadillac are famous of the chrome design that ran from the front fender back to the rear bumper. This are actual metal build and it is one tough car.

It has a length of a limbo and it is one of the low rider which is a convertible. Generally you see this car model as an open roof.

The design only have 2 doors which look cool but can sit 4 to 5 people. It has a large booth space for long travel on the road.

The 1957 Cadillac was made with the theme of "Scientifically engineered" as you can see the tail have kind of rocket design. In fact this is the only series that have the two red light on each side of the rear.

Personally I love this model as my mother in her younger days did took a photo with this car model and that kind of fascinated me.

The Dashboard is simple but this toy version just give an outline as it is a toy car.

This toy car version also show detail on the back view mirror. Missing detail would be the both side mirror that is missing due to small parts.

Although this is a diecast toy car, it is still light in weight. The wheels did have a smooth movement tho as Tomica would have.

So what is this car famous for you may ask?

In my age, this car was made popular during the 1980s when Hard rock cafe is on a run of opening resturant around the world and most of the time, the car they put with their restaurant is this 1957 Cadillac. I am sure if you are older, you would know this is a hard rock cafe car.

Since I cannot own a real car of that time. I only can get this toy version which look realistic for it price and good for photography.

All I can do now is to imagine myself to go back in time (even before I was born) to travel on the free way where there is lesser traffic, more space and ride on a long high way where there is no speed camera. Yeah!!

It is not too bad to dream right?

So if you are into the  Cadillac dream, you may want to own this car for your collection. :)


chrismandesign said…
HEHE, what a coincidence, we both are featuring a Cadillac in our respective blogs !!!... But I guess Cadillac has that kind of effect on people around the world, it’s a humongous and outlandish beauty with all the luxury you could desire at that time !!!... Buuuuuut, this model in fact was released in 1959, not in 1957... It looks pretty in pink and very few cars can afford to say this, on the other hand, yeah, it’s a very unusual release in a brand that is focused on asian and specially japanese cars !!!... =D

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