S.H.Figuarts Dragon Ball Z Master Roshi Coming

It is about time as Yamcha had release a figure on S.H.Figuarts and it is finally Master Roshi a.k.a 龜仙人 turn.

Say Hi to Master Roshi. He recently return in the latest anime Dragonball Super and representing Universe 7.

One advantage of this character is he never aged. Still look as he is during Goku childhood time till a Goku as a Grand Father.

He will come with a removable Turtle shell in purple and a staff.

For his expression it work in a way that he have 2 head parts, 2 mouth expression and a removeable Sunglass.

He also come with various hands to give him his signature pose. He also come with a 3 stars Dragonball which he can hold. No rice cooker tho.

If you are wondering if he have his Signature expression, yes it will come with it with the hands of his too! LOL

This figure will release officially in July 2018, at 6,264 YEN

Do you want to support Master Roshi?  Where is Bulma or ChiChi ?? LOL


chrismandesign said…
I definitely like this Master Roshi rendition by S.H. Figuarts, they are getting better and better with each release and the size (between 6" and 8" depending on the character) is just right, it will not take to much room for display... The only serious drawback with these figures is the price point, it’s very high in the west side of the world, where I live... =/
LEon said…
@Chris Yes the price point is one of the factor. It also depend where you are at. In US the price for these release is more effordable as the licensing and distribution of US for Bandai is there. However other country outside Japan, we are at mercy of secondary market and when come to country like Singapore, it will go up another 30% or more. Sigh...
I would prefer the muscular version of Master Roshi but the fact that S.H.Figuarts manages to make the lewd pose! That’s highly fan service! Lolz.. 2 thumbs up 👍

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