O-Soul X SheHot MageCat Virapaksa Statue

Today going to share a cute and refreshing statue with a mixed of oriental fantasy feel which is 1st of the 4 Wizard. The Mage cat aka 猫天王 by O-Soul.

These are inspired by the 4 heavenly king in the Chinese mythology and this is the first one. According to the Heavenly king, this should be representing Virūpākṣa aka 广目天王

The mage cat will be standing as it is on the stand that is much like a Seal.

It step on a little demon and hold a serpent with one of it's hand while the other a jewel ball.

This statue basically pay tribute to the character with a twist. It is more of an art piece with a twist of olden mythology with no religion involvement.

These is a limited edition for collectors of total of just 499 Pieces world wide and the first one will be released in 2nd Quarter 2018 More of the detail is here

Tell us how do you find this cat art pieces?


Cute and yet majestic! Designer toy is a big market now! Pretty sure this is going to be quite pricey and hard to attain due to the limited quantity.
LEon said…
@Dennis this is price at pre-order close to SGD$300 :P

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