BB Senshi Sangokuden Coming in 2018

Good news for San-Goku-den fans of Gundam as here are the new release of BB Senshi Sangokuden for the month of February 2018!

First off is YuanShu Zssa and TianKaiZhuang for 1,000 YEN

HuZhen Gyan with BuDuiBing (Dong Zhuo Forces) at 1000 yen

HuangGai Gouf and Six Combining Weapons Set B at 1,000YEN

YuanShao Bawoo and  YuXi (Dragon seal) at  900 YEN

DongZhuo Zaku and BuDuiBing (DongZhuo Forces) at 1,400 YEN

Dian Wei Asshimar, JiaXu Ashtaron, Siege Weapon and Six combing weapons Set A at 2,900YEN Yen

GongSun Zan Ez-8 and Four Symbols Ogre Armor Chariot   BB戰士406 at 1,600 Yen

So for Sangokuden fans, get ready to grab these!


Looks like repackaging with more accessories. I’m kind of interested in the Gongsun Zan chariot...
chrismandesign said…
They look so good with all their finishes (paint, panel lines, weathering) !!!... But they require a lot of job to get to that point... If only they had more parts for more realism and easiness in finishes, but it would be too much to ask at this price point... =D
LEon said…
@Dennis yes some of it was release earlier before but now with some upgraded parts.

@Chris yes this are more for modeller to have fun making the model. There was once toy series where it was prepainted and just for kids to play but somehow it doesn't really take off.

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