Bandai Godzilla 2017 Capsule Coming

Bandai is releasing 4 Godzilla capsule toys in the middle of January 2018.

This time there are 4 Godzilla in this series

First is the Godzilla 2017 version

Godzilla 1995 version in clear orange.

Next Godzilla 1995 version

Godzilla 2016 form 4 version of Godzilla.

All these are 300 Yen per turn.


Nice but I rather have bigger King of Monster at least going for 6". I settled with the SEGA prize figure version.
LEon said…
These are capsule toys so it is more like small toys for display and really same kids to play with. I would not mind to get some as it is 300 Yen in Japan. LOL

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