TakaraTomy Streetfighter x Transformers Coming

In the light of 30th anniversary of Streetfighter franchise, TakaraTomy is doing exclusive for Streetfighter x Transformers.

Ken will be taken over the role of Hot Rod and Chunli will be taken role of Chunli.

Ken as Hot Rod will be having a head master type. It can be transformed as the head or the driver seated in vehicle mode.

It will come with 2 blasters

The figure can also pose the fighting move of Ken in Street Fighter.

Chunli as Arcee will have blaster and twin sword as that is more to Arcee.

The move of Chunli can also be posed on this Transformers.

The above boxset is set to release in May 2018 at 8,640 Yen.

Next is TakaraTomy Convoy Ryu x Megatron Vega boxset will also be releasing in May 2018.

For Convoy Ryu and Megatron Vega it will be  having 3 forms of transformation

This Convoy Ryu and Megatron Vega boxset will be at 12,960 YEN in May 2018

If you are fond of it, get ready to buy it!


Not a bad idea though... Chun Li aka Arcee! Head Master and triple change pretty cool.

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