Starwars Tomica Sc-06 Disney Star Cars Kylo Ren V8-K

It is time to review Kylo Ren new ride under Tomica. I have to say the more you see it, the more you will like it!

The boxart showing this muscle car having some feature of Kylo Ren.

In the front of the vehicle you can see the eye shade of Kylo Ren helmet. It is a very nice touch in design.

On top of the bonnet, it's the sliver line design that is found on his helmet and the engine of the muscle car!

You can see the color theme of the car is just Red and Black. The windows in red suited the theme and the wheel having the red wording of "First Order".

At the back of the car you get to see the Starwars decal along with the First Order logo.

What really make this car rock is the top of the vehicle having a wonderfully nice layer of paint of carbon fiber. It look so real even when you touch it you can feel the texture!

Overall this ride really top the worth in term of design and design. I am sure if this is replicated to a real car, it will look equally awesome.

What do you think? Rock?


This is nice line of toys. I bought the Hotwheels version for First Order Executioner but I find the packaging of Tomica better.

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