My After thoughts on Starwars The Last Jedi

The following post maybe full of Spoilers so if you read on it is your choice. You will understand more when you watched the movie tho. 

When Starwars episode 7 to 9 was annouced by Disney to continue the SAGA, I had a bad feeling as the last 1 - 3 by Geroge Lucas himself was a nightmare that kill off my impression of Darth Vader.  My concern then was it is good to see the remaining legendary characters to be play out when they are old? Is that a story we wanted to see?

So now we are at the middle of the new trilogy with the last episode, one of the legend character Han Solo was dead. This story only have the remaining 2 old characters (Leia and Luke Skywalker) and a bunch of new characters. Notice how I don't really care about the new characters because there isn't much connection of the characters and they are rather complicated.

Where is the Darkside?
I remember the horror of the Darkside when Darth vader show with his force choke and killing anyone he is not pleased, Emperor with lightning strike and all the merciless attack of the storm troopers in the older series. In TFA and TLJ, not much of these were shown. The only time in the new series I saw glimpse of the Darkside was the first appearance of Kylo Ren. Ever since then, not much of that happen to him except seeing him always angry. The reason why there is not much evil display on screen is because of the next reason. Disney.

Disney Obvious
These are the few things I noticed. There are more female heroes in TLJ. Not that I have issue on that but you can see there are more inclusive of gender and race in TLJ. It was rather obvious the message of inclusive in order to win approval to penetrate certain market. Then again the original Starwars trilogy did not need to do that and already was successful. Why? because of the storyline!!

Product placement of Porg is really obvious in the movie. In fact they tired so hard that some backfire. Many comment about Porg and Chewy. It is just like Man and animals. We love them and we eat them. You cannot say eating animal is wrong. Doing so is like you are forcing your dog and cat to go into vegan diet for the rest of their life and doing so we become animal abuser right? If you have to eat, eat!

Disney messages are everywhere in this movie. Even the ending shot with is suppose to bring hope have to let a kid who also have the force. Hello! Back in Starwars it was never a kid friendly movie! There was no kid in the original trilogy. But because Disney was involved now it become a kid friendly movie....*Hint Hint, When you wish upon a Star *

How it all end
For Starwars fan, taking characters from the old trilogy is risky. We have certain expectation of them and in fact none of us wanted to really see them grow old and pass on. Not that we have a say of their passing on. Sadly in real life we know Carrie Fisher had passed on...I wonder how they going to continue in episode IX on Leia.

Luke Skywalker in TLJ while I can comprehend how he felt, it is not something I think that add any value to the story as a whole. Many expect Skywalker to train Rey and you maybe disappointed as I saw the "training" and ...  When you watched the movie your own, you will know who is actually training. ;)

Empire strike Back gave a tone of sadness as Han solo was carbonized and shipped off with Amazon Prime and Luke lost a hand to his merciless father. It left a depressing tone but a good one as many was driven to see how it will end in episode VI.

I cannot say the same of TLJ. You cannot really feel there is some real lost. The villain are not as fearful as you want to be regardless they already shown their power. There was nothing to Hope because there is no immediate crisis transmit on screen. It is like Obiwan gone but he is not gone as he become more powerful than Vader can imagine. So what lost is there? Maybe only Han Solo which Harrison want nothing to do with Starwars now.

End of the day, when the excitement die down, I asked myself how excited am I going to find out what is going to happen to the story and characters of Starwars Episode IX Return of Rey?

What will be the plot that bring me to watch and heck even when I watched Episode III I had my reason as it is to see the birth of Darth Vader regardless I hated Episode II very much. I mean who really care about Kylo Ren right? And Carrie Fisher is gone too!?

Maybe to casual movie goers, this is another science fiction movie like Star trek but this is Starwars. It had to have some good story that make sense! The Original Trilogy get a re-run close to 20 years but TFA and TLJ, how often will you watch it over the digital replay? Maybe in 2 years like TFA that you already grew tired of it and may fast forward some scene.

I am critical because this is Starwars.
What your thoughts on this? I want to know.


I like it but Star Wars has evolved to more child and family friendly. It broke the chain of Jedi losing hand and serious plot. Rogue One would be more inclined to the old guards. The pace didn’t bore me and there are more humor (very much like Marvel). I think Luke is bigger than the ‘Legend’ and should be better portray. Luke is a symbol of hope and light and has the power to convince Darth Vader to the light again and won’t go as lowly to trying to kill the young Kylo in his sleep!

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