Kamen Rider 1 Watch Coming

Okay to man watches are sometime like toys, just like cars. Today going to share something that all retro Kamen Rider fan would love to have. Your very own Kamen Rider 1 watch!! Also this is selling at Premium Bandai!!

This is a Analog display watch but run on battery tho and it comes with 2 color belt to choose from.  Red or White.

As a Premium Bandai product, it will come with a nice look box.

And there is engraving of trademark at the back of the white face.

The watch size is 55 x 37mm and one of the feature is when you shake the watch, the red circle will rotate like Belt of Kamen Rider!

You may see the video below on how that is done.

Each of this watch are set at 29,160 Yen and should be releasing in March 2018.

This may be selling at other region which have Premium Bandai product.

Is this what you wanted kamen Rider's fan?

PS: Henshin not included.


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