Good Smile Nendoroid Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-8 Coming

It took Good Smile quite sometime to finally release BB-8 and it was said this is the first Droid from Starwars in the series of Nendoroid

BB-8 is always on the move and this toy seems to offer that as well.

It capture some of the movement of BB-8 in action moving fast.

BB-8 are given accessories which they use it a claw as a hand...

And the famous pose of BB-8 giving a fire thumb up.

This is the number 858 for Nendoroid series and BB-8 will be releasing in June 2018 at the retail price of 5,000 YEN

Are you ready to get this?


It's at least cuter than Funko POP!
LEon said…
Funko always do something not right as BB8 is round but they put Funko style make it more square.
5000 yen... wow... I wont let other kids touch this toys if I have it...

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