Tomica Universal Studios Japan Elmo Limited Edition

Today will do a review on this Tomica Elmo Limited Edition from Universal Studio Japan!

Actually Elmo was already an exclusive sold only at Universal Studio for Tomica but this is a special version! Even in the box cover you can see how special it is. It is all out red rather than white background boxes.

Some call this Dream Tomica Elmo Cart rather than car. It doesn't really matter to me actually.

The mold is very much like regular Elmo car or cart but this is painted in full red chrome!!

The license plate at the back is spelled Elmo name. You can see the full chrome even at the back.

This certainly look very exclusive. I mean who do not like chrome? Everyone love a shiny car right? Especially this is Elmo!!

Do you like this Elmo limited edition Dream Tomica??


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