Starwars Tomica Sc-05 Disney Star Cars Poe Dameron V8-P

Today going to review a Starwars Star Cars from Tomica Takara Tomy since Starwars The Last Jedi is only weeks away. Today it is a Poe Dameron V8-P car!! Personally I love the color theme of this car that is so Poe.

The box has a good illustration of Poe X-wing like engine (in fact it was one of the 4 engine that found on an X-wing) drawn on the cover.

From the front view you can see the Rebel logo and the shade of Poe's X-wing pilot as the front. It is a good and stylish design that pay tribute to the X-wing pilot.

On the top view you can see the neat alignment of Orange, Black and Red strips. The red Rebel logo is on the left side of the hood.

On the side of the top, you can see some alien wording. Not too sure what it mean tho.

The side view was also attractive as you can see the wording on the sport tire and Poe Dameron name printed on the door.

The engine was a nice touch to give this as a muscle car.

As a car by itself, this version look great and Tomica did a great job in adapting the signature theme of Poe. Is this cool enough for you?


chrismandesign said…
That’s indeed a very appealing model from Tomica, so much that it doesn’t look like something made by that brand, HEHE !!!... Just kidding... Well, Tomica, I mean its regular line, is not precisely my cup of coffee, but I can’t deny they have very good QC in their products... However, I’m more the guy of Tomytec (who doesn’t have the budget to own many of them in his collection, by the way)...

This model, on the other hand, looks great, both the design and color scheme are striking, even the wheels design is not the average... I was wondering, are these wheels multipart, with rubber tires ???... Does it have suspension like other Tomica models ???... =D
LEon said…
@Chris yes the wheel are rubber and there are suspension on it. :D

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