My Justice League Movie Experience

There are a lot of mix review going around regarding Justice League movie and since I watched it, I decided to give my opinion on this movie. Be warned there are spoiler ahead but I think you care less isn't it?

I have friends telling me it is good and online review telling me it is bad. The friends who said it is good are not so DC comic fans so I guess if he is not bias to DC then I would give it a go. So money being paid, I went in with not much expectation.

Before I go into Justice League, I have to do a disclaimer of the following

1. I watched both Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice and to me it was both a disappointment.

2. I have not watched wonder woman although I heard many good review from friends about it

So you can imagine literately I am having no expectation except Justice League could be worst!

The story begin with Superman was dead and aliens are invading. Batman was trying his best to find out more on the Aliens and realized he cannot do this alone. He need some help and that is where he went around looking for other talented individual.

There was enough background and back story for each of the characters of how and where they came from. For that I think I will go deeper to tell you what I like about the story telling and at which part I like about the character.

After killing Superman, Batman know that he have kind of screwed up and the threat now without Superman was more than he can handle. So he eat quite a lot of humble pie in this movie which make him more human. Although lack of Super power, he made many calculated move.

His father uses the Steppenwolf's box technology to give him his body as He was almost dead in an accident. He was confuse and having a hard time accepting who he is now after having a new body. In the movie, you can see him opening up and get social connected again for the greater good.

Now he seems to be the youngest and the most inexperience one and I like this version. He was all over the place and couldn't focus much. He got more grounded when he met Batman giving him simple advice. He was one of the character that crack good jokes and sincere in nature being his persona.

I personally love this version of Aquaman as he is manly and look like Poseidon. He was kind of a reject of his kind and choose to turn up in a human fishing community. While he was wild at heart, he is still a good guy. He was not much of a team player as he have some trust issue. Eventually he learned to trust his team mate too.

Wonder Woman 
Now she is the soul of the team and the movie. The only time I feel there was a real emotion connection was the time she first met Cyborg. She sharing her painful experience that she is still having trouble to open up as she lost someone along the way to get  Cyborg to open up. She was not only an eye candy but a good in battle too.

Now Superman for once is consistent with DC comic version as he is really Super. He could have take down Steppenwolf and his minion all by himself if he want to and none of the Justice League can stop him.

The successful formula for the heroes eoild be facing their internal fear and trust in others. The villain was not thst outstanding  but I know that is just to make the heroes coming together and shine.

So like the story goes, the movie ending was the forming of Justice League but there was no motivation to have one as Steppenwolf was defeated and there was no news of any known threat coming. Without threat these heroes have  no propose to really work together.

Knowing the current super hero movie trend, we know that is not the end of the story and it wasn't because somehow Lex Luther is out to form their  Injustice League... That to me is a bad move as no one like this version of Lux Luther. For someone who know everyone on earth is about to die by Steppenwolf's invasion, he did nothing. Only after Steppenwolf was defeated by justice league that he want to take revenage on Superman.  Really?

How exciting would be the threat of Injustice League? I would rather the movie story end here as this Justice League movie can be a stand alone movie (even without relating to Wonder Woman or Dawn of Justice).

Overall I give a 4 out of 5 because of the character development and down to earth story in a way.

Although they didn't cash in the amount in box office opening week, this movie did do some redeeming grace after Dawn of Justice. So please do not spoil it by making Injustice League story or the next movie.


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