Interview with Justice Bao Bearguy

During the recent GBWC Singapore 2017, there was an entry that personally interest me and taken me by surprise under Junior category A which is Justice Bao Bearguy. It ended up winning the 2nd runner up of Junior Category A of GWBC Singapore.

The creation and theme was fresh and for a 10 years old kid to put together to present the idea with such detail is amazing to me. Further more this is Justice Bao, a character that not many of the younger generation know the history of this Chinese icon that represent Justice in ancient Chinese history. So I decided to have an interview with the creator, Shermaine Mun with the presence and premission of her parents of course.

Hi Shermaine, when was your first time you remember having interest in Model kit?
Since young I have been seeing my father doing up model kit and I have being interested in it.

What make you enter this year GBWC?
My father had enter such contest before and I decided to give it a try just for fun too.

Where did you pick up your skill for make this entry?
I saw some reference from youtube for making the clothes and my father give me some pointer for model making.

How did you come out the idea of making Justice Bao?
Originally I wanted to make Santa clause with a Bearguy but my father bought the black Bearguy. The only character that was black I can think of is Justice Bao and I start to research the idea and theme online.

I see that you spent a lot of details on the costume and his accessories. Where did you get those from?
I spent quite a lot of time to look for the right material like the clothing in art shops and other pros

Where did you get the Lion stickers and jade on the belt?
I got those at Chinatown accessories shop and the hat is from a cowboy hat and i modify it to a Justice Bao hat. The stickers was from Daiso.

The accessories of the Dragon chopper and the sword is amazing. Where did you get those from?
The sword I got from my father's another Gundam and the chopper I built it with the help of my parents.

What is the most enjoyable when you doing this entry?
I enjoy the most in sewing the costume.

And what is the part of making this entry that you do not enjoy?
I have problem making the dragon chopper and spent quite a lot of time to make that work.

Was there a time in making this entry that make you want to give up?
No. because in my school there is a value I learned which is called resilience which mean never give up.

How long does it take to do up your entry?
It took a few months to look for the material and planning. It took me within a week to put all this together.

Beside your parents did you tell any of your friends you are entering the competition and how do they react?
Yes. Some of my friends don't believe that I have enter the competition. They know that I am good in art but they are surprised that I enter the competition.

What is the one thing you are proud of your entry?
The dragon chopper because it is worth the hardwork that I put in.

Is there anything you think you can do better in your entry?
The base was too simple and plain but I don't know how to make it better at that time. I wanted the fences to look more realistic.

Are you surprised when it was announced that you win an award?
Yes. Because my parents don't think I can win.

Is there anyone beside your parents you want to thank?
I want to thank those who like my entry photos on facebook.

Will we be seeing you in future GBWC? 
Yes. I will be entering next year to try again.

So there you have it, our interview with a 10 year old female modeller who is full of passion and pride of what she have done. We hope to see more creative and details work from her for sure.

Thank you Shermaine Mun for your creative and detail entry!

Do Justice, Justice Bao!!

It is always a delight to see younger generation presenting their ideas and create something fresh in their own ability in the model kit world.  Let's be supportive and encouraging for younger entries as they put in their honest hardwork beside school work and took the first step of courage to enter the competition.

What do you think of this entry?


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