Interview with Archangel: Defender of Human Kind

For today post, we decided to interview another Junior modeller that won the 1st place for GBWC 2017 Singapore Junior Cat A, the 10 years old Kaylyn Chew. The title of her work is Archangel: Defender of Human Kind.

On the base of her work it was written, "With a mighty sword and shield. Archangel Bear lands on a Gundam Launch pad and protects the people visiting a Japanese carnival fair"

Let's us have a short interview with Kaylyn.

Hi Kaylyn, When was your first time you remember getting into model kit building?
When I was seven, my mom helped me to build my first BB Gundam.

What actually interest you to start making Gundam model kit?
I saw my brother and Dad building Gundam and got so inspired to do it myself. Gundam looked so cool after they finishing it.

Where do you pick up your model kit making skill from?
I pick up model kit skill from my father. He taught me the different skills and tools required.

What is the reason that you decide to enter this year GBWC contest and was this your first time to enter such competition?
Yes this was my first time. I wanted to join this year's competition because I have visited many years of GBWC competition. I remembered last year's Junior Category A winner was a bear that was painted purple and had no diorama . I believe I could work on my own creation and was motivated to win at least the top 3 prizes as I am a very competitive person.

How did you come out the idea for your entry Archangel: Defender of Human Kind?
I picked the theme first before thinking about my Gundam. Since my mother bought for me a Bearguy Pretty which is angel looking, I decided to make Archangel Michael as it was a good fit. Once decided, I asked my father where to get the parts needed to make it work.

I see your Bearguy have some modification. Can you share some of the detail like where you got the parts from?
Archangel Michael is a warrior Angel and I need a bigger wing for it. The only big wing I know is from Wing Gundam. For the sword which look like a real sword was from Red frame Astray and a shield is from Sword Impulse because it has the "Cross" on it.

The Bearguy cannot hold these sword and shield, so I have to change the hands from another Gundam 00 Raiser.

Is there any story behind the decision why you choose the park that is hosting the Japanese festival?
The judge for the competition every year was a Japanese so I decided to do a Japanese theme, and so my father bring me to shopping for a diorama that is easy for me to make the theme.

In the process of making your entry, were there something new or first time that you learned and applied?
I learned how to air-brush and panel wash from my father.

What was the most enjoyable part when you are making your entry and why?
The most enjoyable part was fixing everything together, as I felt proud to finally finish my entry after putting in all the effort.

Are there challenges you faced when building this entry?
Yes. I had to be very careful when I am spraying not to over spray the Bearguy as I wanted a glossy finish so every layer had to be just right.

Was there time that you want to give up? What kept you going?
There were times that I got tired and wanted to play my computer games. However, I had to persevere to finish my Gundam before the deadline.

How long does it take in completing your entry?
It took me about 4 months on and off.

What is the one thing you like most of your entry and why?
I love how I can see reflection in my bearguy as I love glossy things.

Were you expecting to win the first prize when you submit the entry? If not why?
Not really. I thought that the Justice Bao Bearguy was going to win because of her creativity.

Are you surprise when you won the first prize?
Yes it was unexpected. My mom screamed so loud when my name was announced as the winner that everyone was looking at her.

Is there anyone you want thank for winning the award?
I want to thank my father for spending his time to coach every step of the way.

Will we be expecting to see you return on the GBWC in the future?
Yes. I would be participating again next year.

We certainly hope to look forward for the next year GBWC for your participation Kaylyn. Thank you for sharing with us here!

Once again, I hope through these interview that we should never put a limit to a child creativity and also drop the gender expectation that model kit making are just for the boys. :)


Awesome interview! This is what I call exclusive! Wow and look at the Gundam trophy! Can I hold that? Lolz It’s a shame! I’m still a noob after so long...
LEon said…
Thanks Dennis. It is a pleasure to have interview with the young one to talk about their winning entries and share their hardwork passion.

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