Dragonball Super Senzu Bean

One of my Japanese friend came recently and got me a small gift knowing that I am a Dragonball fan. At first I look at box it seems like some VCD or DVD....

I mean if the person who don't know the writing of Japanese kanji would not guess what is inside even if you look at the both side of the box.

Only on the side of the box you would see something like a bag of bean in the illustration... in this case, it is the Senzu Bean. If you have still no clue what is that, you can read more on here as I written on this years back.

Open up the box, there is a bag that resemble the bag that hold Senzu beans in Dragonball series. The bag come with a string to tie to close and a plastic clip to clip on belt.

Open up the bag and you will see some Senzu bean look alike bean in a air sealed plastic bag.

If you are wondering what is it, it is Cashew nuts coated with green salty flavor (not wasabi) to look like Senzu bean. Quite delicious actually.

Before consuming, it is important to check for expiry dates. In Japan they did print the expire date on  sealed edible products. Please check on this if you happen to buy your Senzu bean. Hehehe

Overall it is a nice gift and really something that can be eaten too! I am taking my time to eat this as one bean would restore 100%

You all know what happen if you over eat this right?



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