WWE Ninja Superstars Series 2 is Out

Never will I in my wildest imagination that dream of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will cross over with WWE but here it is in the series 2 somemore! Spotted this locally in Singapore ToysRus.

In the series 2, 4 of the TMNT taken the 4 iconic wrestlers. Obviously this series are for older adults who are into wrestling.

Michelangelo is Rowdy Roddy Piper sticking to Rowdy scotland kilt and hair style along with a pair of bagpipes.

Raphael The Rock (younger days)  with a pair of dumbells and the rising of the eyebrow with the WWE championship belt. He is the only one that you can see the eye pupils due to the raising of the eyebrow.

Donatello is the Ultimate Warrior and personally it is quite well done. It also comes with a broken table, a bell and a camera.

Leonardo is the Finn Balor and his outfit is very wild. He is cover with paint on his face.
Accessories are a NXT belt, stairs and a gate.

Currently on selling at ToysRus Singapore.

What's your take on this series?


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