LEGO Ninjago Green Dragon 70612 Alternate Built

Here is another sharing of Alternate Built for LEGO NinjaGo movie Green Dragon 70612 from various people.

Hopefully it will give you ideals what you can built using this set alone.

陳彥碩‎ did this alternate built Mecha .

Daniel Huang (‎黃耀霆) and his‎ Dragon Tank Walker which was his first version which he did not find rather statisfactory

Daniel Huang then did another take of his Dragon Kid mech inspired by Titanfall and WeGo

You can view more at his flickr

Next is from Chubbybot and his Llyod's Shinryu Mech

Here is a Video

His is kind to share a Dragon Mech Suit Tutorial of this set

Chubbybot also did a Corrupted Green Dragon Mech Serpentera!

‎Tsang Tsz Cheung did a DNA Fish!

If you like to see more alternate built, leave a comment to let us know.


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