LEGO Mega Modular

We drop by LEGO Mega Modular organized by Bricks User Group Singapore as there are some friends works are on display at Bugis Junction Singapore.

When I arrived at the event at noon, the tallest building are still building but it is already quite high up.

Around the base of the building are works from various MOC and one of them are Chubbybot my friend. In the span of just around 2 weeks, he had made many mecha and they look really awesome for Halloween theme.

There are other builders as well doing the Halloween theme and its awesome!!

On one corner I can see some of the builder are making another module floor for the building.

At that event open to public are kids having changes to win LEGO prizes by joining and completing the games. All you need to do is like BUG facebook and your kid will be schedule for a allocated time to play the games to win the prizes for free!

The event as of the date of this post is still on going and it will be ending on 22nd of October 2017.

Do drop by Bugis Junction Singapore outside Hoops Factory and InterContinental to take a look and snap some pictures. If you have kids let them join the games too!


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