Bandai METAL BUILD Mazinger Z Coming

Mazinger Z fans stand by! Bandai will be releasing a Metal Build Mazinger Z  from "Theatrical Version Mazinger Z / INFINITY".

This version is done by Mr. Yanase Yasuyuki who was in charge of mechanic design.

This version will come with many optional parts that direct the active in the play are also attached and finished in items that boast high play value.

Here are some pictures of how all those parts can form a awesome Mazinger Z!

Look at the details of the figures up close...

You can pose it flying...

Launching missiles in flight mode

An ultimate Missile launch!!

It can recreate the flying punch!

Even the small parts are anime accurate in transformation!

Jet effect really give it a plus point look!

This Mazinger Z is schedule to release in February 2018 at the price of  20,000 Yen!

Is this the ultimate Mazinger Z so far?


chrismandesign said…
I didn’t know about a theatrical version of Mazinger Z, but since the franchise is very popular, it’s no wonder... The figure is absolutely astounding, with a lot of added value thanks to the bunch of accessories included, but right now I can imagine the price tag of a metal/diecast action figure, which is way beyond my budget... Good luck to those who can afford it !!!... TTTTT.TTTTT
LEon said…
@Chris I share your pain too. The issue is this line of toys are collectable and target to earning adults. It is no longer those toys for kids thus the price is more on a luxury items. There will not be kid toys for Mazinger unless there is anime or cartoon on it. Even then the toy will be like hasbro transformers pricing.
Damn impressive! Buying Metal Build won’t go wrong especially it’s Mazinger! Smart move for Bandai!

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