Bandai SPLATOON 2 KISEKAE Gear Collection

If you are playing Splatoon on Nintendo, then these figure will make you crazy!
I cannot stress there is lack of figures for these characters in the game and finally something decent for the Splatoon fans.

Gear collection dress-up figures from the Nintendo Switch software "Splatoon 2". The set comes with 10 Packs/Box but there are total of 8 type in the box giving 2 extra!

Each pack will come with Pre-painted Figure + 1 Soda Pop Candy (soda flavor)/Pack

Assorted according to maker's rate from 8 types. The lineup features 4 types of "figure and gear set" and 4 types of "gear and display set".

These will give the characters changable head, outfit and shoes!

Girl (pink) and Pink "gear and display set"

Girl (yellow)  and yellow "gear and display set"

Boy (blue) and red "gear and display set"

Boy (green) and  gray "gear and display set"

You can interchange whatever you like. No Splatoon weapon tho....

This set is Schedule to release in December 2017 for 450 YEN each. So look out for it!


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