Premium BANDAI HGBF 1/144 チニャッガイ Chinyagai

Ever since Gundam model kit world release Fumina, it show much protential of lady for model kit.
Now Bandai work more on that hunger and roll out on Premium Bandai series the Chinyagai.

Basically she cosplay a cat.

Here is her without the cat hat and I love her glasses. Like most of the model kit, she comes with a great deal of articulation joints.

Here are the full accessories and parts this kit comes with.

She is schedule to release on october 2017 at the price of 2,592 Yen at Premium BANDAI stores only.


chrismandesign said…
WOW !!!... That’s a wonderful kit, full of charm, naivety and a bit of roguery !!!... The accessories make it even more attractive, that’s a good line with lots of potential, Bandai knows its business very well, for sure !!!... =D
Unknown said…
How do I get this kit?

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