IN FLAMES: 1/6 A Chinese Odyssey Monkey King Coming

The film A Chinese Odyssey released in the mid 1990s was one of Hongkong classic which was a 2 parts action comedy. This was also one of Stephen Chow iconic role as Monkey King. Finally close to 20 years, a figure of that character is going to be produced. Meet the Monkey King.

Now for those who have not seen this movie may asked why is this Monkey king special as it do look rather ordinary and not the usual golden hair and do not look rather awesome. Here are some of the reason I would like to share why this version Monkey king matter so much.

This is one of the first movie taken story from the Chinese novel "Journey to the west" to be made in big screen. Before that most are just shown on TV series. After that years later then China and Hongkong made more movie around Monkey king.

Although the story and characters are from "Journey to the west", the film actually create alternate story line in term of comedy and it was rather a big risk. It was also a 2 part movie that filmed back to back. The overall respond is not that great as most viewer(not me) thought it was totally off. For me I find the story was funny and touching at the same time. The box office back then for these 2 movies was not what they expected

It was only years later viewers grow to like this classic. So much so that this still the best in term of movie compare to others version after all the CGI made series.

Okay back to the toy.

I have to say much love and devotion was put on this toy as it capture 2 expression of Stephen Chow Monkey King which in the story his name was called Zhi Zunbao as a alias.

Another point to point out the total screen time of Stephen Chow in this Monkey king form is not even 30 minutes but the character strike a chord in viewers as someone special.

I love this version of Monkey king as it is down to earth looking even tho he can be very powerful. If you watched both movies especially the last one, you will be feeling something regarding worldly feeling and attachment.

After seeing this figure feel like re-watching the movies again!

Anyway this is just a prototype shown. Final product may be slightly different but the accessories are listed below.

The release date is currently not firm but aiming in Q2 or Q3,2018. Prices are not confirm as well.

If I have news on this will share it more here.

What is your thoughts on this Monkey king movie?


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