Hasbro Transformers Sqweeks Custom Repaint

Sometime the design of the toys look good but due to cost, painting maybe lacking. If you have a knowledgeable and experience model kit master like Leon Ku, repainting won't be an issue.
Here is what Leon Ku did when he repaint the latest Hasbro Transformers Sqweeks and it look awesome!!

Look at the back!

The Vehicle mode

Vehicle mode with full setup

Repaint details go all the way in every accessories of Sqweeks

Are you loving this repaint version?

After seeing his repaint version I feel excited to get one if they did such good paint job. If they did such quality I will sure buy it.

You can see more at his facebook page here.


Very nice and realistic! I remember wanted to buy Leon Ku's works in the past but unfortunately it was only for display so if he is selling his masterpiece, better buy!

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