GBWC 2017 Hong Kong : The War of Wild Boar

It is my pleasure to share with you the First Runner up of GBWC 2017 HongKong. The War of Wild Boar by Joanna Tse.

This piece was a pure original concept! The wild boar give an organic feel from traditional cold mechanical looks and the presentation look simple with lots of details!

Unlike most entries which focus on bigger base, she work with limit space but giving meticulous details and pose. Sometime really less is more.

The Wild Boar was original created from base up!! Pure hand sculpting skill!!

If that is not impressive enough, the Gunpla maker is a Lady! She certainly open up more life and artistry and we do need more female in Gunpla community!

She even took the time to document the work in progress for this entry!

You can see the work in progress here

Once again a big congratulation to Joanna for winning 1st runner up in GBWC 2017 Hongkong! Give her some love Gunpla fans (but please don't stalk her)!


So cute! Like Lord of the Ring combined with Gundam!
LEon said…
@Dennis what a way to put it. LOL

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