PUTITTO Justice League Coming

Never would I imagine the Putitto series will have DCcomics characters. However it is indeed refreshing to see US stuff on Japanese toy makers.

Here are the 6 characters in the PUTITTO Justice League series which you can put on your cup or glass.

There are 2 Superman in 2 different pose. Floating Superman and Superman Punch!

There's one Wonder Woman in jumping pose with her shield.

Batman Shooting with his grapper gun.

2 more Batman in Landing pose and Hanging Batman.

These will be releasing in October 2017 for 600 Yen each! So DC fans, look out for it!


chrismandesign said…
Oh !!!... This set is so sweet !!!... They have pretty much the size of gashapons and the level of detail as well as the finishes in paint job and sculpting are great; it’s the first time I hear about this brand and I can see they are keen to quality !!!... =OOOOO
LEon said…
Yes Chris this are good quality figures for display. :)

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