Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure Series Coming

As the next LEGO movie "The Lego Ninjago Movie", news of the upcoming blind pack minifigures has announced. Here are the 20 of them in the series LEGO 71019.

Garmadon and Flashback Garmadon

Kai Kendo and Lloyd with a blue print?

Zane like a backpacker and Cole with stereo

GPL Tech and N-POP Girl

Sushi Chef (this is useful) and Gong and Guitar Rocker

Master Wu  wtih corn flakes? and Volcano Garmadon in PJ??

Jay Walker and his selfie stick and Lloyd Garmadon. I love the bow that Lloyd is carrying.

Misako (Lloyd's mother) and Spinjitzu Training Nya

Shark Army General and Shark Army Great White

Shark Army Octopus and Shark Army Angler

Currently no official release date is given on these but you can bet it sure be before the movie releasing in September 2017.

See anyone you like?


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