Hot Toys 2017 Toy Fair Exclusive Coming

Hot toys have just announce the Toy Fair Exclusive for 2017 and there are 3 of them from various license characters from #Marvel and #DCcomics.

Hot Toys - TMS005 - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - 1/6th scale Ghost Rider 2017 Toy Fair Exclusive

Hot Toys – MMS417 – BvS – 1/6th scale Armored Batman (Battle Damaged Version) Collectible Figure 2017 Toy Fair Exclusive

Hot Toys - MMS415 - Iron Man 3 - 1/6th scale Shades (Mark XXIII) Collectible Figure (2017 Toy Fair Exclusive)

No pricing has announced yet but stay tune and hope you guys will see this in #STGCC2017 (not confirm tho)...


chrismandesign said…
Uhmmm... Just another batch of collectibles which are fairly out of my reach in terms of budget... Figures like these hardly arrive to my country, unless you order them directly, but the prices are just too high; incredibly, some specialized stores have dared to bring a few of them from previous releases... However, they don’t seem to sell many of them, as I guess is the case everywhere... =D

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