Bandai Real Grade 1/144 Gundam Unicorn

Finally Unicorn Gundam is coming to the Real Grade series.

This Real Grade version allow the first time of 1/144 scale to be transformable from Unicorn mode to destroyer mode.

Here is the cool boxart of the RG Gundam Unicorn

As you can see you can get 1 Gundam in 2 modes and there are locking mechanism done to hold the transformation pieces in place.

Here's the back view of both mode.

The accessories include 1x Magnum, Hyper bazooka, 2 Beam saber and a transformable Shield

The transformable Shield...

If you have not gotten any Unicorn Gundam, then this scale maybe the one for you.

He is schedule to release on 3rd of August 2017 at 3,800 Yen

Look out for it!


It's impressive how Unicorn Gundam gets real big when transforms to destroy mode! The previous HG releases can't transform so this will be cool.
LEon said…
Dennis they already have the technology to do it it just they want to sell more kit in 1/144 scales. Since this is RG they put it in since MG can do it.

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