Bandai Pokémon Model kit Combo Coming

There will be a combo box coming in the Pokemon Plastic Model collection coming in July 2017.

The combo will be a Ho-Oh, Charizard and Pikachu!!

Wait there is something special on this version as both Ho-Oh and Charizard are in shinny skin edition. Which mean lazy model kit collector like me can skip painting all together!!

Pikachu will come with Ash's hat on it and this is smaller than other Pikachu model kit as this series they try to make it to scale with the 2 Pokémon with it I guess...

The set will also come with a backdrop for display.

This set will be selling at 1,900 Yen in July 2017. Look out for it!!


The bronze Charlizard is pretty cool and cute Pikachu with Ash's cap!

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