Bandai Gundam MS Imagination Candy Toys Coming

There's always some of the Gundam lover who find battle damage attractive. I am also one of those.

Well if you are into this sector, keep a eye out for the following MS Imagination Series for Candy toys by Bandai in August 2017.

You will have a damage Gundam fully painted

A RX-78 Gundam cut into half missing arms and head...

Zaku damaged with missing leg...

A damaged Zaku's head. My favourite in this series

And a Z'GOK being cut into half too...

These can be good desk display.

These set of 5 releasing in August 2017. Each for 500 Yen.
Is this something you would like?


Twilight Man said…
Hello Leon! Nice to see you again.

I love Gundam and planned to see the huge real thing. When I arrived Tokyo, I forgot to see it. Slap my head!

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