McDonalds Japan Dragonball Happy Meal Toys

Firstly I would like to point out this promotion is only happening to Japan McDonalds and NOT in Singapore. This is just for info sharing in case some of you readers who happen to be in Japan after 12 May 2017 to a few week later.

For shooting action, there are Super Saiyan Blue Son Gokun with a shooting Kamekameha action and a Super Saiyan Gotenks having the Destructo Disk shooting action.

For action moving pose toys, there is Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta with punching action and Future Trunks with swing sword. Trunk's sword is attachable and able to put in this back scabbard.

And for lighting up toys, there is a 4 Stars Dragonball that light up and Shenlong with lighting up dragonball at it's base.

For the first 2 days promotion, it will come with a game card for Dragonball Super!

So if you are in Japan during this timing, go and get a Happy meal!!

So far these toys are only happening in McDonalds Japan. In time I guess these would go to Taiwan and Hongkong. For Singapore McDonalds, the only Anime McDonalds toys are One Piece and that is just one off only. So you know it would unlikely happen but how I wished it would.

Would you want Dragonball toys to come to Singapore McDonalds?


I want the palm size Dragon Ball! Lolz
LEon said…
@Dennis that's a popular choice. More good for display.

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