LEGO Super Heroes Thor: Ragnarok

Here are the coming release of LEGO Super Heroes set for the Marvel coming movie Thor: Ragnarok.

The First set would be LEGO 76084 The Ultimate Battle for Asgard.
This set will come with 2 x Berserker, Valkyrie, Hela, Bruce Banner and Thor for the minifigures.

There will be a flying vehicle.

A nice looking beast with good articulations .

Here is Hele with Mask off and on.

Close up on Thor, Bruce Banner and Valkyrie.

This set has 400 pieces and would be price at USD$49.90

Next set would be for Hulk lovers.
LEGO 76088 Thor vs Hulk: Arena Clash

The set will come with 5 minifigures which would be Hulk, Thor, Loki, Sakaarian Guard and Grandmaster.
There will be a grandstand that has details on both side.

The back of the stand allow weapons to be placed and a cell just for Thor.

Close up on Loki, Hulk, Thor and Grandmaster.

This set has 492 pieces and would be price at USD$59.90

Currently these set are released in Singapore ToysRus.


chrismandesign said…
Uhmmm I had not heard about the new Ragnarok movie as part of the Thor Saga so, when I saw Thor’s suit I felt kind of bewildered, but now I know it’s part of the changes created for the cinematic multiverse of Marvel... Both the movie and the toys for assembling produced by LEGO are quite appealing !!!... =D
LEon said…
Chris I think this would be the best Thor stand alone movie as this one have the Hulk! LOL

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