Today is the 1st of April....It's April Fool and what is more fitting is to have a guest review by Larry on his new collection figure, The Joker from Mezco.

Take it away Larry.
The Joker is an action figure I've been holding back on because there haven't been one that could quite capture the maniacal hysteria of the Joker that I know of...
The MEZCO ONE:12 Joker ships in a slick Joker coloured themed slipcase dust cover with a gloss purple "J" against matt blackground

Flipping open the box, you will see a Classic comic illustration of the Joker on one side and the windowed display on the other.

Removing the 2-tiered clamshell tray, this is what you get with the standard ONE:12 ziploc baggie and the action figure stand underneath.

Most collectors are not quite taken by the lack of accessories for this set.
For me, it is all about the headsculpt and This IS quintessentially the closest looking Joker any action figure has ever gotten.

Lets look at the accessories first, starting with his body parts.
There are 2 headsculpts included: 1) teeth-baring insidous smile with hair all slicked backed (right) 2) batshit CRAZY laugh with an unkempt hairdo (left)

Two sets of switch-out hands + a wild card holding left and thats INCLUDING the clench fists.

A magnum revolver with purple grip and a yacking teeth wind-up toy. So my Toy actually has his own Toy...

Lets look at the basic action figure. Front View:
This Joker looks phenomenal!

It is ALMOST everything I had hoped for even though they could have given him a few more sets of switch-out hands because if anything, the Joker is perhaps the most madly expressive character in the DC comic-verse.

Back View: The cloth of the 3 piece suit and shirt are all very very well stitched but they are not made of stretchable material (nor are they wrinkle-free).

So when the jacket is on, it does limit shoulder swivels.

Also, his blazer from his 3 piece suit is removable to reveal the purple pin-striped short-sleeve shirt and an olive drab tie.

That IS kind short on accessories but if you roll up his pants, you will see that this action figure actually wearing yellow bat-socks and those purple laced shoes ACTUALLY look bloody expensive (think CHURCH'S).
Talk about attention to details〜♡

Here is a size comparison of this 6"Joker with Bandai S.H.Figuarts Harley quinn

And also Batman

Want to see more of the photo of the figure and listen to a Joker?

See the full review at Larry post here.


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