Danbo 48 a-38000-shaped Container Capsule

Sometime ago there is an interesting Capsule series that make Danbo into Containers for shipping as a series toys and I got one of it after a try.

This Danbo is actual from this series. That comes with 6 different design.

The head of the Danbo which is a Container was design to fit on Tomix train series which is a mini train.

I was lucky to get what I wanted for the first try. It was the long container! It comes with a body, head which is the container and  a stand.

The figure body allow some articulation on the arms.

The head of the container are with lots of details as how a container should be. The eyes and mouth are actually holes and not black paint or stickers.

At the bottom are where you attach the head to the body.

The back of the container are also fill with printed logo of JR and other containers logo or signs.

Here are the figure with the stand and it can stand pretty well even without the stand tho.

For Danbo fans, these cute Danbo would be a new addition to the collections.

Don't you agree Danbo's fan?


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