S.H.Figuarts POKÉMON Ash Coming

It's about time to have a articulation figure for the series of Pokemon...I mean it is about time to have the human in the Pokemon series. Now this maybe a bit risky but some popular human characters I believe do make the justification from the fan.

First of would be Ash Ketchum or also known as Satoshi in Japan version.

Of course this figure will not really amount much without his Pikachu right? So this figure will come with just that to his scale. Not to forget a Pokeball as well!

Ash also come with hat off version and also different way to wear his cap.

From the photo, he comes with 2 different facial expression. For his Pikachu, there seems only articulation of his head and ears.

This figure is schedule to release in July 2017 at listed price of 4,500 Yen.

Will you get the this Ash and is it what you are waiting for?


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