Playmobil Ghostbusters Toys Coming

It is a sure confirmation that Playmobil will be releasing Ghostbusters series that keep it true to the 1980s look!

In fact these series will be out in retail in May 2017.

Here are what to expect.

First off, Set No 9224 where Egon set with Ghost Trap with a ghost

Peter Venkman is in the set No 9223 where it come with 2 x Terror Dog and the possessing Dana

If you are into Slimer, this set No 9222 is for you. It include Hot Dog Stand and the poor hotdog seller

No 9221 is the Stay Puft  which Stay Puft Marshmallow Man was in good scale and Ray is included as well.

No 9220 is the must have Ecto-1 set which include Winston and Janine.

Finally the biggest set which is No 9219 The HQ Firehouse set which include Janine (Receptionist), Ray, a Ghost of Vinz Clortho possessing Louis and Egon in Lab coat.

Believe me these series is a worthwhile and durable toy with affordable pricing.

It is a must have for Ghostbusters fan.

Look out for it in May!!


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