Megahouse Dragon Ball Gals Android 1 Ver. II

Megahouse has been releasing Dragon ball gals series for sometime and this is another version of their redesign Android 18 they call it version 2.

Now this may upset some Dragonball's fan as they make Android 18 a bit over sexy in some way.

Of course they are targeting on certain adult collector.

Here is the previous version of Android 18 from Megahouse and this version for comparison.

If you are interested, this version, this figure will be releasing in June 2017 at the price of 9,250 Yen

Does this version appeal to you? For me I still like Android 18 the way she is in the manga and anime.


chrismandesign said…
If you ask me, the Android 18 I remember is more in the slender side of gals, but since obviously this statue is aimed to adult collectors, the figure features more "meat" than it should... Now, I’m an adult collector and I have a few figures, mainly statues, of this kind, but I don’t like these overly meaty girls, since they look for me a tad vulgar, but I guess it’s fine for other collectors, otherwise they weren’t produced... Not too scrawny, neither too voluptuous, those are the right gals for me, HEHEHE !!!... =d
LEon said…
I share your sentiment. I think it is kinda insulting to the character as she is not suppose to be like that sexy.
I don't remember she has these huge assets lolz

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