HG Godzilla 2016 Capsule Toys Coming

If you are a fan of Godzilla and particularly like the last year 2016 version by Japan then this will be up your alley.

Bandai will be releasing the capsule toy this month and it is all about Godzilla 2016

There are total of 4 type Godzilla in this capsule series which mark the milestone of the Godzilla form in the movie.

The first form was Godzilla hiding in the sea.

The second form I find it very silly looking as Godzilla seems to be smiling and walking down he streets

Third was the Godzilla in his full form being attack by human bombs.

And the final form when Godzilla really get mad and go radioactive shooting the purple beam.

Each of the turn will cost you 300 Yen in Japan and for the odds if you play in the Capsule machine it is quite a fair chance.

Look out of it as they should be out about now in Japan if other country then it could be soon.


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