Dragonball Monopoly Coming

Who would imagine that one day there will be a Dragonball Monoploy? Well now we are about to have it!

For the moving pieces it come with 7 Custom Tokens: Trunk's Sword, DynoCap, 4-star Dragon Ball, Dragon Radar, Saiyan Armor, Turtle Shell, Hercule's Champion Belt (Game Stop exclusive)

Here is the detail of the properties pieces where there is a Custom Community Chest (Capsule Corp.) & Chance (Red Ribbon Army) Cards

The currency are with Earth Sheng long logo as well. Houses renamed as Kame Houses and Hotels renamed as Hyperbolic Time Chambers.

This set is set to release on 15th of April 2017 only at Gamestop in US retail at USD$39.90.

Are you game enough for this Dragonball's fan?


Pretty cool. I kind like those moving pieces. Didn't expect DBZ would go that far to Monopolize..

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