Beauty and the Beast Toys are Out

Beauty and the Beast is a classic and from animation, they make it to a live action movie,  So what is the expectation of the toys since this is a LIVE action movie? 

Here is the first look of the toys that reached Singapore retail.

Be our Guest!! This set capture the looks of the characters in the movie but there are no articulation joints on them. Life like yes it seems.

Now this is the smaller scale figure around 4" of the Beauty and the Beast.

A close up of their feature.

If you are going for the doll that is 12", the beauty do come separated by her own. Does that look like actress?

If you want a 12" doll set for the couple, there is one set for that.

Close up on the look of them and they seems better in detail.

So if you are a fan of this story, here are how the toys look like.

Is it up to your standard?


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