Bandai Power Rangers Movie 2017 Toys are Out

We are just a few weeks away from the latest Power Rangers movie and the toys by Bandai are out now in Singapore retail.

Here are some of the toys available out in the shelves so you can get to know what is there.

First meet the new Power Rangers as they are sold individually pack. Each is selling around SGD $29.90 currently.

There is a twin pack which show the legency and the current movie Power Ranger. You can really see the difference ya?

Here are their Zords machine for each of them in the latest movie.

Here's the Red Ranger T-Rex Zord.

The black Ranger which is aMastodon Battle Zord

Pink Ranger's Pterodactyl battle Zord.

Blue Rangers is a Tricerotops Battle Zord.

and Yellow Ranger which is a Sabertooth Battle Zord.

If you buy all above, you can combine together and it is quite big.

If you want their combine form in a simple form, then this Megazord. Like in the movie version that comes with the 5 mini rangers figures to play with.

If you want the belt to transform, you can buy one at SGD$99 and the movie version is just a pure black belt.

The movie will be release in the middle of March 2017.

What is your thoughts on this toy and the movie? Will it be better than the old Power Rangers movie back in the 90s?

You tell me.


Now & Then concept quite interesting still I'm with the then^_^
LEon said…
Dennis I am for then also. LOL

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