1/6 Male toy room Showcase

Today I am going to showcase a Toy room that is 1/6. A rather Retro look toy collector who also happen to do some modelling or Gunpla

It's a messy room but that is expected but for the collection of figures it is already neat in my standard.

You can see there are some gunpla kit and some comic along with some unique statue. Is that a retro C3PO?

On another low angle there seems to be a working table.

In the display there are some decal and drawing....

Now this is the messy part as you can see there are a big display of Godzilla destroying Japan diorama. Big scale ya?

On the table seems like unfinished model kit and even unfinished snack? How messy can that get man. Do some house cleaning bro!!

From the outside view, it seems the room is more clean than the external of the building.

Wait! Why is there a big Woody come from? Is there such big woody from which toy maker??

Hey where is the hand come from?!!!

Oh we have been fooled!!

This Toy room is 1/6 scales which mean whatever you just saw is the miniature! So realistic!!

This is the actual scale of the 1/6 room and this is how it look like.

This is created by Hank Cheng

To see more of Hank Cheng realistic 1/6 toy room at his facebook


David said…
thats amazing!

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