Year End post

It has been sometime I actually want to write about my thoughts here and since it is the end of the year, it seems sound to write a year end post.

Do note the following topic are not really in order but snap shot of my thoughts.

This site has been 8 years and it started out as blog about my toys review and collection then I start to share toy news on this site.

Toy news
If you are a regular reader, you may see that the toy I posts are generally diverse and selected what I like rather than how popular they are. On top of that I also restrict myself from resharing news and post more than once a day. I know some site did that but what is the value of that if you just cut and paste?  I started this site as a blogger and so I think I need to personalised what I like and share.

When I start blogging, I love to interact with readers and other bloggers. Over the years most bloggers move on while some collector grow old like me. I hope to have more interaction over here but most move to social media on Facebook. Yes I do have a Facebook page so we can chat there. While reviews of toys will still be here for reading.

I am not a regular Toy collector
I have not been posting toy review not because I did not buy any toy (although the rate that I bought are much much lesser than before) but I do not have time to Open the Toy to take photo and review. Plus most of the Toys are getting above an affordable level that I have budget for. You know everything went up but income still the same?? If I have spare income I may have spend on my kid and family. Plus I have limited space at home now over 10 years of toy collecting. Do remember most of my toys are OPENED so you can imagine I am stuck with how much of toys.

I did video do you know? 
Doing video take a lot of time but viewer of my video are so little. Here is my youtube channel for Toys. I am not profession video editor and I have problem getting good software and learning curve to make awesome video. Plus the licensing of music is a pain in the *ss. That really pissed me off.

When my blog is getting well received I have to make a decision between earning money or just sharing my hobby. For 8 years I did put some ads in this site some pay and some doesn't. For the start of the new year, I think I will cut off some of the ads as the last time when I place some ad plug in and it redirect some readers to some random site. If you experience that on this site, do let me know and I will remove such ads on my site.

Do I have thoughts of the coming year?
I am getting old and I am having second thoughts of continuing toy collecting and posting. But If I am to go on, I will be straight in some of the toy review and my thoughts of the toy news.

At this time I do not what to commit anything but I guess I will need to focus on some stuff and see how it goes. That does not mean Open the Toy is closing so don't worry.

Finally a Big Thank you for you guys who is reading this and special love to those who have been following this blog and on my facebook for all this while.

Have a Happy New year for 2017!


It has been an honor to blog along side with you as well as Desmond. Great experiences from our gatherings and even toy outdoor shoots. I share some of your sentiments in terms commitments and space constraints. Honestly, I have inspired by your style from having FB to doing short videos.
deSMOnd said…
Great to know you are still blogging and sharing toy news. Keep it up bro!!
LEon said…
@Dennis The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for your support.

@Desmond Keep on blogging too bro!!

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